07-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cat appliance shelf blender best shredder you have
never date subway girl 6 inches
personalities deciding who cause scene today
people conspiracy theorist paying attentionist
scooby doo ghost reveal body positivity movement fast food donuts candy
kermit wonder people believed no symptoms what dont have these days
tell socialist not hurt take things you selfish
remember what soldiers ukraine fighting for hunter biden
just beer can people tantrum country song
greta mining coal lithium cobalt kids
liberal npc voter id racist by gun
election season here polling slandering pandering kamala harris
republicans democrats uniparty debt war tyranny
cia leash truman jfk now usa
mainstream media lay off joe biden loves son hunter bribes big guy
babylon bee secret service cocaine probably tour group

“Science” 👍

abc news heart disense extreme weather conditions

Must Be a Qanon Conspiracy

npr headlines eating bugs

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet hunter plea deal immunity federal crimes judge
tweet craft beer tastes special 12 dollars
tweet nobody fixing problems country make money dont apply
tweet tell rainbow not against sick of daily

Quote of the Day

quote ben carson white liberals most racist blacks in box deny policies hurt

Message of the Day

message become unpsyopable tinfoil hat

Just to Summarize

media defending trafficking porn imprison political opponents bigotry censorship

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