07-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

take next exit 100mph left lane
ordered fried chicken fck written
landlord increasing rent ordering termites
pharmacy take pills further testing arent effective
youtube unskippable ads 6 second video
national international social office same picture difference
kermit me waiting land of free losing freedom
americans broke inflation ukraine billions biden
wait decide zuckerberg biden censorship algorithm
pedophilia is evil liberal source
arrangements new landlord tour sex toy amityville horror
woke disney snow white socially conscious gender advocates losing money

Don’t Share This on Facebook – You Will Be Flagged with an “Incitement of Violence” Community Standards Violation 🙄

make contact with aliens please nuke white house like in independence day

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Work and Job Meme Gallery 3

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet doj drops campaign finance charge sam bankman
tweet hearing on democrat censorship tried to censor democrat rfk
tweet have favorite kid like having favorite parent its mom
tweet meeting could been email gets one
tweet parking space toronto thoughts feelings
tweet oppenheimer true story real nuke camps
tweet pfizer government redacted information agreement

Quote of the Day

quote julian assange courage much rarer than intelligence

Message of the Day

quote rfk government censor critics totalitarianism history

Lib Governments: Crime? Sorry, We’re Too Busy Harassing Political Enemies & Law-Abiding Citizens

Police stop work at Twitter HQ in crime-ridden San Francisco over permit ‘misunderstanding’

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