07-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cat cop car police probably guilty
baby yoda need 100k and hug dont without money
wont tell cdl license will be signs
capitalism work or starve communism and
joe biden make ukraine great again
97 percent climate scientists dont want defunded
mainstream media know nothing biden influence peddling hogans heroes
conspiracy theorists 2020 2023 crazy to royalty
calm trans woman calm down sir
liberal communist school choice destroy public school system
quiet brain epstein bill gates 36 times
minorities incapable photo id racist democrats
dr strange what universe in miss netherlands won by man
hunter plea deal what thought getting endless stack get out of jail free cards

Most Corrupt DOJ in U.S. History

cocaine biden dead obama prostitute pelosi server clinton fbi raided trump
us tax dollars biden ukraine crypto democrats
sbf sam bankman fried biden doj charges dropped

Feds drop campaign contributions charge against Sam Bankman-Fried – NY Post

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet need help life functions walking thinking talking term limits biden mcconnell
tweet steak eggs dairy chookies fried animal processed foods
tweet youtube chef recipe any vegetable refrigerator
tweet offended geriatric millenials pulled muscle can beans

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Quote of the Day

quote maher being woke magic moral machine imagine

Message of the Day

message not just fake news hiding real news

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One thought on “07-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Pop etc. gets TONS of flack, from all sides of the debates.

    Eat what you want. Debate away. But keep freedom to choose

    Most of human existence, we ate plants. We couldn’t safely eat animals before fire anyway

    Paleo actual diet was over 225 diff plants, fiber about twice what most vegans now get.

    Healthiest, per lots of research, tends to be mostly plant based, a tiny (by our standards) amount of animal.

    The world is being flushed down the toilet. Diet debates are not that important, freedom to choose is.

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