07-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

1980s flying cars ai covers spongebob characters
texts edibles sht elmo is glove
conspiracy theorist what friends family society i think do really
hillary clinton walking working class home photo op
liberal npc who radicalized you conservative
reagan tshirt hate commies changed name liberals
register cars guns dont believe in
p in pharmacy silent pain
weaponized government democrats precision conservatives
biden legacy not my laptop inflation grandchild cocaine
social movement pay more taxes weather cult king of hill
media nyt post msnbc cnn doj fbi secret service circle wagons protect bidens
babylon bee mccarthy 783rd impeachable offense biden last
biden never involved sons business witnesses bank records emails
barbies 2023 dolls
i wanted to believe government says real spaceships
zuck cant rebrand twitter musk x attenion from threads

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet internet elon musk x logo
tweet thunberg climate change wipe out humanity fossil fuels deleted
tweet dhs misleading covid narratives inspire domestic terrorists

Quote of the Day

quote sowell solutions problems todays yesterdays solutions

Message of the Day

message lisa simpson stop assuming movement conservative trans psychotic

Lesson of the Day

bank digitally increase bank account spend federal reserve fraud

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