08-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

sponge bob at my job prepping for fantasy draft
sometimes flirt still got it dont
prefer the real ir clippy microsoft office
progressives just want universal healthcare biden skin trump again dnc silence of lambs
liberals any black conservative is this white supremacist
illegals sanctuary city new york dont have resources liberal
sponge bob epstein client list 0 convictions
kjp american people beginning feel bidenomics fletch whole fist
okay google muted mic how know
padme anakin biden protect border us ukraine
democrats biden saul alinsky rules radicals accuse opponents what youre doing espionage
democrat arsonists climate change forrest fires
reporter debunked pizzagate pleads guilty to child porn
vote for trump bill barr jump off bridge
us womens soccer team national anthem chinese

Rival Beer Companies: Keep Standing Up for Your Values, Budweiser! *laughing while ringing cash register*

Heineken CEO says brands must ‘be balanced’ and ‘stand up for your values’

camp lejune bottled water passes bud light monthly sales

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet cant always high average call volume
tweet crying over guy got to be tough if stupid
tweet going well husband ate snickers didnt want

Question of the Day

question who think is happy married woman single angry liberal feminist

The Fight for “Democracy” Brought to You By Modern “Journalists”

headlines before after ukraine crisis guardian reuters cnn

New Meme Gallery Added

Mainstream Media Meme Gallery 8

Quote of the Day

quote sowell limited damage stupid disaster people high iqs

Message of the Day

message dont fear global warming global government

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