08-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

family guy whats wrong vs reading mind supposed to
rare photo baby carrot clinging mother eaten heartless vegan
cat drinking listening verse song about him
climate change limo after flying across world
accept friend requests dont react to posts unreliable aholes
woody woodpecker sensitive bitches banning shit im 3 names for dick
liberty memes job government psyop dismantle
bart homer simpson chair effects society 10 years mask development
claim my body my choice position covid mandate this is a lie
babylon bee parents dress boy as girl schools teach
milk carton missing small government republican anti war democrat
babylon bee biden administration letting facebook run gulags 1st amendment
biden national monument racial pandering emmett till
i wake up democrats caught shady republicans outraged nothing happens circle

Just Another Day in Our 1984 World

tweet ron paul meta fact check sharing pfizer own words
zuck fb stop cant post watch me pasty prck

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet disneyland water toddler magic
tweet hiring managers career gap moms get sht done
tweet intermittently lunch dinner awful
tweet why no night museums three movies
tweet elon musk should have psyop of year contest

Quote of the Day

quote mayweather free mind makes own choices enslaved follows crowd

Message of the Day

message not vaccine passports government compliance papers office whiteboard

Question of the Day

question government pay bills weed money also pit in jail

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One thought on “08-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. A toast to the husbands who it made it possible for the mom to stay home and raise their children.

    A toast to the men and women who didn’t fall for the liberation BS and maintained a traditional family structure. The family structure that God outlined in the Bible.

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