08-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

adding cornhole score when hammered
dog treats not healthy human pack oreos
me updating sht list dolly
joe biden wandering bunny border ukraine inflation falling 4 more years
korean pop kpop chinese rap french art
barbie visits democrat city tires car stripped
preview already oppose climate change lockdowns sign
hunter biden investigation over want cocaine back
could it be free market economists right about inflation no ceos turned greedy
we can shrink government by using government no flaw in argument
not robot select parasites obama fauci biden harris pelosi
passing bill irs agents yes audit aid ukraine no senate
sign took 2000 mules install one jackass biden
introducing liberal barbie screaming

Since Mainstream Media Will NEVER Point Out What Should Be Obvious

tweet trump indictments right after biden corruption
0 days biden doj indict trump day after biden corruption exposed

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet excited wife 8 dollar charge x.com
tweet fast furious sequel electric cars charging stations push
tweet how can change body god made take off glasses
tweet woman ask man thinking nothing believe him
tweet global warming antarctica plunges coldest temps since 2017
tweet world economic forum psychologists not happy to be meaningful
tweet fbi child trafficking nbc news

Quote of the Day

quote sun tzu art war meme until they cry

Message of the Day

message no shots fired greatest mind heist all time social propaganda brainwashing

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