08-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

have 4000 dollars friend unread messages
texts good news bad news air bags car work
when management ignores problem popcorn world burn
if woman right man wrong tell woman right
biden how weather streams cash ukraine burisma china
bernie sanders fight system by making it bigger
aliens returning liberals after they them pronouns rant
me existing 2023 chase cbdcs lab grown meat inflation chemicals
woke theater snow non white babylon bee parody cinderfella coming soon
democrats control media corporations deep state education feds culture
rfk jr doj pelosi fbi schiff democrats cover mouth
rioters rural people gun targets for fun
epstein client list aliens lie back down
babylon bee mike pence strategy alienating trump voters

Just Go With It 🙄

nbc news federal reserve make more expensive to make less

You’re Not Crazy

The American media really are dominated by the dumbest, most corrupt people on Earth.

tweet cnn fitch us debt downgrade credit jan 6th
tweet al sharpton james madison thomas jefferson overthrow government
biden family corruption curiosity todays journalists
biden pinnochio media shady business deals look trump indictment
debunked conspiracy theory media denied

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet multimillionaire ceo underground lairs society used to meet island owner died
tweet outsider cheap gas food no wars establishment hacks inflation
mewe umbrella haircut remember save lives
tweet watching government organized crime intentionally left window open
tweet teach kid higher power priest mom

Quote of the Day

quote sowell compassion dependency votes expanding welfare state

Message of the Day

message be reason why politician mental breakdown public restroom

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