08-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dogs drive it punch it lights gray
watching jaws shark movie spielberg inner tubes
wish i was feral cat wild tap water
woman on death row last meal what do you want
climate change weather always your fault only solution is communism
figuring out illegal abortions vs guns ending gun crimes
gore hillary clinton kerry denying election results trump censored
dangerous font choice bath body works
show me on doll where joe biden sniffed you south park
dots touching cant connect biden crimimals covering them
swore to officer no drugs k9 dog
babylon bee twitter x rebrand ceo rejects first choice
biden ask not what do for you country ukraine my son
bush wmd iraq clinton sexual relations hillary email biden business son

No, This Isn’t Babylon Bee – It’s a Real Quote

x blinklin condemns arresting russian opposition leader

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet conspiracy theorists must be eliminated wef schwaub
tweet political climate in nutshell dems gun head republicans strongly worded letter
tweet rental property cleaning landlord charges
tweet stop martial arts darkness in eyes

New Meme Gallery Added

Big Government & Socialism Meme Gallery 5

Quotes of the Day

quote never say thats not my job oozes arrogance
quote colin kaepernick comeback senior prom over garvin

Message of the Day

message aoc if believe black cant make it government help you racist


flashback anti vaxxers dangerous theory natural immunity

Meanwhile in the Real World Hidden from Liberal America

top 10 headlines media didnt tell this week

biden democrats media bribery scandal inflation bidenomics look ufo

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3 thoughts on “08-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. If any of my employees had ever told me “That’s not my job”, I would have said “You’re right, because you no longer have a job”.

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