08-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

women sugar spice beer hops flip flops
order french vanilla coffee fckoff
cats not supposed to be on counter join the resistance
guns weapons of war liberal npc i know
conspiracy theorist starter pack
trade offer capitalism blame for everything highest living standard
amazing screenplay original can fix that
fairy tales once upon a time according to experts
me at grocery store food not real woman plane
joe biden hello jill locked keys in convertible
liberals war health beauty science
babylon bee democrats 800 billion vote for this or you hate puppies spending bill
hunting stove assault gas stove know the difference
how come never read books nursing homes homeless sick kids goose
dnc father hunter biden weather raining money burisma ukraine
aldean try small town kill white farmer just song

Still Waiting for It to Happen

biden 81 million votes never seen pro biden shirt flag in my life

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet climate change crisis nobel prize winner speech cancelled
tweet sexy costanza stained glass art
tweet 9 months pregnant mom struggling with flat directions
tweet husband air in tire never been married
tweet candace owens media covid death counter agenda terrify into compliance

Quote of the Day

quote tucker carlson nobody voted for run everything

Message of the Day

message take day off being better person be ahole born to be

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