08-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dont know ski rack or police car
annoying kid restaurant falls crying
i would do anything for love watch new barbie wont do that meatloaf
scroll through posts question your sanity or mine
summers almost over me fantasy football 2023
newspaper half the size used to publish both sides story
door identify as a wall
bernie sanders complaining poverty new beach house
rapinoe americans glad missed kick state farm anti
lizzo backup dancer team building jabba leia
schwab next apocolyptic even switching covid with climate change comply
leftists analyzing billionaire spending vs government
results biden policies great mortgage inflation gas
joe biden aliens cmon man i am the leader no joke
bidenomics explained walmart rollback prices
biden crime border china economy inflation water heaters
outdated operating systems biden mcconnnell feinstein
when putin puts opponents in jail no biden yes

Just Say No

government global currency make life easier

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Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet musk fund legal bill employer liking
istie zelensky ukraine austin powers
tweet wife cute we need do something i need
tweet wife terrifying come in here please
tweet change light bulb resume environmental illumination

Never Forget These Traitors’ Actions

hid j6 footage 2020 election fair mcconnell cheney pence biden schumer pelosi

Quote of the Day

quote kissinger control oil food nations world bill gates farming

Message of the Day

message feeling guilty wasted time

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