08-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

trying decide warning or example to others
subaru car sticker my dog and i talk sht about you
favorite part star wars series watto government currency not real money
other countries don't know married wife everywhere
sign lower my taxes pile money greed politicians
john kerry climate czar world end in 2014 cross off 2030
biden flying monkeys anti trump media
joe biden captain america communist saving you from constitutional rights
son dad before biden administration lady justice blindfold paper sack
venn diagram lizzo fauci forcing put in body to keep job
ex twitter employee tell them real job
babylon bee bidenomics average americans twice many jobs
bud light selling strategy woke marketing no apology pc
nothing says legitimacy like arresting political opponents biden trump
babylon bee heavily armed tactical team incandescent light bulb

Just an Average Day in Mainstream Media World

leftist propaganda child kidnapping gofundme sound of freedom

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet diane feinstein california avocado if had d next to it
tweet income tax roads ss dmv medicare
tweet masks off restaurant sitting vs standing
tweet transgender people rights same as gun saw off barrel
x democrats no evidence biden corruption bank records emails witnesses

New Meme Gallery Added

Office Whiteboard (Jim Halpert) Meme Gallery

Quote of the Day

quote watson threatened shamed coerced incentivized not in best interests

Message of the Day

message purpose 2nd amendment keep politicians afraid deter state tyranny change my mind

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