08-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dog grab keys sunglasses where going
self service tip jar continental breakfast
first boy scout badge recreational gynecologist
ever stop posting memes government sucks dont think i will
enthusiasm polls kamala harris biden tooth decay telemarketers
aliens not shocked housing situation on your planet
whats stopping achieving goals feds
trying figure out federal state taxes worked 5 hours shift
32 trillion debt mountain free stuff downgrade our credit rating
ny new york city tshirt lover migrants somewhere else
7th grade us government checks balances dictatorship now fcking lie
gavin newsome presidential aspirations running over biden money
jack smith crime question election results unless democrats

Suddenly CNBC Acts Like Wannabe Journalists? ๐Ÿ™„

companies organized retail crime cnbc

Do you remember how Target and Bud Light employees were supposedly having their lives threatened during the Woke backlash? Do you remember hearing the word “alleged” or ONE SINGLE reporter trying to verify the claims? Now, CNBC is suddenly pretending they’re journalists and expressing doubt of organized retail theft. This despite CPA-verified income statement losses in these categories as well as seemingly endless daily drops of videos showing stores being robbed by organized mobs. Is there ANYTHING in mainstream media anymore that focuses on informing the public rather than defending the latest propaganda narrative they’ve been assigned?

mainstream media real news covered 0 percent interest
white bronco me escaping mainstream media bias anonymous staged lies propaganda
mainstream media biden corruption see hear speak no evil

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet physics openheimer inspired bigger bomb
tweet watching cable son commercials pay for
x bill gates private jet climate change not part of problem
tweet assange not journalist released info establishment wanted hidden

Quote of the Day

quote browne government impose morality most powerful

Never Forget

message people not bothered by no mask youre disobedient shines light on their weakness

Message of the Day

message everything in liberal agenda covid climate change trojan horse communist state

Establishment vs Non-Establishment Justice

bush clinton hillary bill biden compared trump document storage

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2 thoughts on “08-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Jeremy Kaplowitz’s son is an armature. Sure, you can make a nuke to kill more people, but if you just want the goal of more killing, get into automation, and have legions of slaughterbots do it for you.

    • Naw,
      If you want to do a really good job, work your way up into the medical / gubmnt industry where you can make โ€œpolicyโ€
      Wink wink

      Lot cleaner and if you grease the right palms the rest of the gubmnt and media will help you explain it away as natural causes

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