08-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dogs acting class pretend didnt get fed
humanity potential real life dont eat the wrapper
sign funeral beatboxing need rewrite last wishes
therapist barbie summer oppenheimer dont explain
cat dispensary love everybody look at paw catnip
bring up real world issues room of zombies
thor gop democrats under control everything on fire
rapinoe just expressing wrong america citizens so am i
fbi no hunter parkland us gymnastics gimpy grandpa shot
captain biden uss spending credit rating falls full speed ahead
successful rebranding fedex microsoft communism blm dnc rainbow
just want right own same guns taliban ukraine biden terrorism

Make Ukraine Great Again

biden white house spend 6 times ukraine border fentanyl crisis

It’s not like Biden is building foreign policy around paying back bribes. No need to look any further, mainstream media. 🙄

mainstream media biden umbrella border energy durham corruption

MSM Would Never Have a Double Standard 👌

x 18 reasons why trump russian agent conspiracy theory cnn

Only 90 Percent?!

facebook race blind algorithm hate speech white people men

Naturally, the Facebook Thought Police are working to “fix it,” so only the usual one-sided hate is allowed:

On Facebook, Comments About ‘Whites,’ ‘Men,’ And ‘Americans’ Will Face Less Moderation

Time to Purge the Rest of These Still in Power

As much as I rip on the Republican Party, there are plenty of members like Rand Paul who are sincerely fighting, but it’s tough to accomplish anything when on on top of everything else you have to deal with these Ruling Class Establishment tools.
rinos now identified undocumented democrats mccarthy mcconnell toomy sasse romney

Social Media Posts of the Day

x government aliens still have to go to work
x stop making assumptions kid missing crazy
x snowden whole system majority believe anything repeat loudly enough works
x trump trial january iowa caucuses
x biden military preparing fight climate change

Quote of the Day

quote al gore north pole ice 2023 still cold

Perfect Illustration of Leftist “Solutions”

millions trees removed scotland fight climate change

Now that we got millions of those pesky trees out of the way, how can we remove more carbon from the atmosphere? 🤔 I’m stumped. Any ideas?

Message of the Day

message office whiteboard hayek emergencies individual liberties climate change

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3 thoughts on “08-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. 16 million trees. I saw one suggestion earlier today (at Yahoo), “Plant 16 million trees somewhere else.”

    Seedlings need to be kept watered. A high-school class from Mammoth Lakes, CA, planted 200 seedlings in USFS Glass Creek campground on the Inyo Forrest around 2007. Every last one died. Lack of TLC. (Should point out that the ‘soil’ in that campground is pumice.)

  2. “Shortly, the public will be unable to reason or think for themselves. They’ll only be able to parrot the information they’ve been given on the previous night’s news.”
    Zbiignicw Bezczinski in 1972.

    I think this came true quicker than expected.

    But when you let the television and the government educate your children, what do you expect?

    That assumes you weren’t educated the same way because if you were, why should you do anything different for your children or yourself?

  3. You hit the nail on the head with these today.The climate zealots (yesterdays environmentalist) have been wrong for 60-70 years now. Back in the 70’s they pushed plastic over paper to save the trees. Now, they are cutting down those same trees to plant windmills. The only consistency they have is being inconsistent. They are truly zombies. So easily controlled and manipulated. And the press (Pravda) just does as they are told– all in lockstep with each other. It’s all about feelings, no logic and reasoning from these so-called journalist.
    Getting back to the plastics, how did that work out? It’s all in our oceans, rivers. parks and everywhere else killing animals. And now they are wanting to go to cloth bags or back to paper.
    Silent spring about the killing of birds and DDT , so it was banned. Now those developing countries have to deal with malaria and such. Now birds and insects are being slaughtered by the millions with the solar panels and windmills, but that’s OK, the zealots are saving the planet. I could write on this for weeks and never run out of what brain dead these people are.
    Hell,they see all the elitists flying in big jumbo private jets, eating steak and lobster, all the while calling on us to cut back and accept less out of life, to sacrifice for the good, The elitists won’t and will never do so. Yet the zombies just bow and pray to these grifters .

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