08-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

high invented cookies cream oreo flavored oreos
sign never too late get fit waiting until later
dumpster fire room snowflakes dont reply comments
railroad tracks throw switch fundraise
only females have babies liberals source
cmon mitch mcconnell retire turtle
babylon bee celebrity bravely criticizes woke activists before apologizing
not communist democratic socialist
realize government hiding so serious ufos excuse
people call democrats cult white kneeling
meanwhie at coke house biden mask lgb clown
fbi braveheart hold all trump threats kill elderly man
best buy management training whites need not apply
rolling stone dont listen rich men north of richmond

Happy Monday

why waking up early rooted white supremacy

Also a Daily CNBC Commentator Throughout the Plandemic Years

x pfizer fda commisioners coincidence

Social Media Posts of the Day

x never experienced locusts teeenagers unpack groceries
tweet start day school google math grade
x remember when al gore overturn election no one indicted
tweet ron desantis undermine teachers unions

Quote of the Day

quote browne someone asks government tell police guns get what i want

Who Really Is the Racist, Bigot, Etc.?

lgbtq jews blacks liberals projecting

Will Get More Mainstream Media Coverage Than Biden Corruption

Flying 7ft-tall ‘alien’ attackers in Peru were actually illegal gold mining gang on JETPACKS

betting board 7 foot gold miners jet packs

Just a Reminder Who President Unity Thinks Is His Biggest Enemy

x biden unity division maga trump threat soul of country

Message of the Day

message enemy not in russia home biden schumer romney bush obama cheney pelosi harris

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