08-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

good morning too early bs get up ealier
cat smudge dear karma plenty people missed
satan sold soul no returns more twisted
2024 freestyle trump media dems fbi doj sharks
bottle warning fda approved drug
joker ready leave society just now something not right
truth alternative media censored big government youtube facebook google media
hunter biden pimp joe hooker pay me tell him what you want
hawaii biden asking billions ukraine
me talking sht politician social media snake
emmy awards postponed january nobody cares strike
without government flowchart wasting money pay for it voluntarily

Social Media Posts of the Day

x georgia election denier stacey abrams not indicted
tweet first workout podcast anything bad
tweet funny hand signal bike nerds
x loving in time future historian career

Double Standards – the Only Standards the Left Know

affadavits evidence biden fraud not worth investigating media biden
no one above law hunter hillary gates fauci schwab bush obama bill clinton epstein cheney biden

In Case You Don’t Understand All the Memes

x epstein found dead 4 years ago

In addition, he had already “attempted suicide” once while in custody. To this day, 99 percent of the mainstream media confidently say it was a no-doubt suicide. 🙄

bill gates bill clinton epstein client list

Quote of the Day

quote ones doing accusing bs detector biden

Message of the Day

message lisa simpson government controls social media programming you

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One thought on “08-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. With a slow rise, the trek up doesn’t seem so bad.

    When the Cross winds come the grade seems steeper.

    When in fact more precipitous making the grade Jumpin’Jack flash, the lunatic is on the grass.

    If you turn around, you won’t be as free as the wind blows.

    If you don’t get over the hump, every side of the moon goes dark.

    The worst choice is to stay still, to be stuck, to remain in a place where the vice is strong, those twisting its arm still stronger, and you’ve been conned to the place you are, in the first place.

    There you are the fish. The bait ain’t worth eating. You’ve been nibbling too long, if you take another bite you’re hooked for ‘good.’

    It ain’t stupid in such a predicament, to take what should be your own dang advice: “OK, enough of that.”

    life’s a little too quick to let the fry cook mess with your filet mignon. It’s yours. You don’t need to share it with someone who’s too fat already.

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