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08-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

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Corrupt politicians, especially those who’ve spent 50+ years in office, are not stupid. They’re not going to use their own information for their bribery, influence peddling, and insider trading. They use relatives, aliases, back channels, and so on to hide their corruption. This is how career politicians can accumulate tens of miilions of dollars despite salaries of $100k. Just imagine what could be discovered if we had actual journalists working in the mainstream media instead of paid propagandist shills who divide their time between defending Ruling Class slimes and destroying anyone who doesn’t fall in line with the global communist agenda.

Flashback Reminder

Tucker Carlson ran a monologue on this, which probably contributed to his being fired. In response, Big Tech censors and the rest of the media immediately sprung into action faster than you can say Ivermectin. Good luck finding a MSM report that actually addressed the points made, instead resorting to screaming, stop me if you’ve heard this, “conspiracy theorist” and “Russian disinformation.” 🙄

The Questions about the Biolabs in Ukraine that Everyone Should Be Asking – Tucker Carlson

FDA Forced to Walk Back Smug Anti-Ivermectin Post, Makes Huge Admission About the Drug – Western Journal

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How to Make Big-Government Liberals Stop and Think

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Why We Have a Constitutional Republic with a Bill of Rights Instead of Pure Democracy

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