08-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dogs train owners eat peanut butter spit pill out
dont have train thought 7 tracks path conductors screaming
cat just put money in bag kittycorp bank nobody gets wet
liberal cry capitalism work starve communism
al gore 30 years ago climate change end world 12 years
joes first day pre k grow up to be puppet
feel bad parents birds and bees used to be stinger
liberal socialism better capitalism live in north or south korea
13 million cancer scans missed 2020 dance routines were awesome
people masks grocery stores processed foods sugar
woman someone doesnt have to say identify as woman
monopoly duopoly republicans democrats government won you lost
trans feel underrepresented cheezits fruit loops bud light
trump court thought crimes mind reader
spiderman pointing joe biden big guy robert peters

Climate Change Caused the Damage 👌

hawaiian electric renewable energy instead wildfire safety
x kaleo manuel maui fire rage water revered

Social Media Posts of the Day

x airplane mask before helping coffee breakfast kids
x life short love appreciate you ok
x democray party motto cheat make up arrest if you say we did

New Meme Gallery Added

Cats Meme Gallery 4

Quote of the Day

Compare to today’s athletes with their celebration dances, trash talking, in-your-face humiliation, etc….

quote mickey mantle pitcher running bases head down

Message of the Day

message chalkboard part accept absurdities commit atrocities

You Knew It Was Coming

headline new covid wave begun masks

Another election year is approaching, and government unpopularity is hitting an all-time high in most of the U.S., so expect new “emergencies” related to climate and Covid. Just a reminder, without checks on power such as the courts, Biden & blue-state governors would still be forcing arbitrary mask, vaccine, and lockdown rules. Remember: even if they fixed the 2020 presidential election and will surely try to cheat again in 2024, they can’t cheat in EVERY election, most notably the local ones. For those of us who lived in blue states during peak Covid fascism, very often small county districts within the states determined who had a semblance of freedom and who lived in a medical police state.

dr fauci no mask wear two masks now boot stamping your face forever

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