08-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

bad dog drop mommas voodoo doll husband
far side snakes rattlers your side family
bernie sanders 15 minimum wage burger fries coke
parents teaching tell truth domestic terrorist as adult
climate activist science settled defund research
born man identify woman identify as judge
biden what is pdf why is everyone calling me that
common words people misuse there two racist
babylon bee study russia rigged 2016 2020 foolproof biden harris liberals
hate america government sends guns love no
80s kid war games checkers chess global thermonuclear war
washington elites finding out people dont like them guy singing
ny times free speech killing us use 0 percent of our brains
hurricane hillary california epstein

Slipped In Friday Night So Minimum of Americans Notice

ny post delaware judge dismisses tax charges hunter biden

This is Fine. Everything is Fine. 🙄

us paying record amount of interest on national debt

Not even the slighest attempt is being made by either party to stop our already $33 trillion debt from growing by several trillion more every year. What NEVER seems to be mentioned by politicians or the media is just how much we pay annually in interest for this insane spending. It’s already about $475 billion annually. For reference, that is about triple what we’ve spent in the Ukraine war, 475 times what Biden gave in one-time payments to Hawaian residents, and about 100 times more than Trump requested for his “too expensive” border wall. And this amount is actually smaller than it could be since Trump refinanced much of the debt when interest rates were near zero. But since rates are now rocketing higher and there’s no realistic hope of ever paying down that debt, this is a ticking time bomb. When that bomb goes off, the only choice the government will have is to further devalue the dollar, following the models of Chavez’s Venezuela and Germany’s Weimar Republic. Make sure you own a good wheelbarrow to carry reams of cash for that loaf of bread. No worries, though, focus on what is important–you know, ORANGE MAN BAD!!!!

democrats out of control spending republicans blocking nothing
bidenomics made me stronger carry 70 dollars groceries pinky

Mortgage Rates Hit Highest Level Since 2000

When Actual Analysis of Science Doesn’t Fit the Propaganda Narratives

cnet meta training ai 48M science papers misinformation

Social Media Posts of the Day

x climate change strike attractive locations state purchase at discount
x line equation y mb+b downhill slope life
x still crack joke meltdown lucky in lives
x trip look back to see who what not me

Quote of the Day

quote spooner ban guns criminals law abiding liberties depend conduct guilty lawless

Message of the Day

message no black white republican democrat gay america

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3 thoughts on “08-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Two kinds of people read the Federalist papers those who don’t know real history or what’s going on today and come away with the Impression that this constitution is great, and it worked out fine.
    That assumes they have the educational level to understand the writing of the 18th century it can be very challenging

    The other group does know their real history and comes away with the realization that these guys were correct, and what they said would happen, has.

    Read Spooners book Constitution of no treason.

    You have to remember the Federalist papers were published in newspapers to convince the public to except the new constitution. The United States was formed under the articles of confederation, and the first president was John Hancock.

    That was all swept under the carpet, so that people would forget about the articles and we list George Washington as the first president, but he was the first president of the new constitution not of the United States.
    This fact in and of itself proves the new constitution was a takeover of an existing government.

    What should be read although just like reading the Federalist papers it’s like rearranging the deck chairs in the titanic, is the anti-federalist papers

    These are by Brutus, Cato, Federal Farmer, possibly others.
    It’s encouraging to see those pin names show up here from time to time.

    A Spectator

  2. Spectator I think you left a word out you meant to say what the writers of the federalist papers said would not happen has happened.

    A Traveler

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