08-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

hard ask for help moving couch chair
dog shrink pay attention to me squirrel
cats birdfeeder food great amience not yelp
irony electric car planet tree kills it
they live glasses hollywood propaganda
mainstream media forcefeeding support ukraine wef record gas prices inflation
fishhook free lunch soviet liberal
electric vehicles still on road today rest made it home
oprah rich homies discount real estate
babylon bee white house americans democratic banana republic
mainstream media world boiling covid back aliens real be afraid
cows bad for envionment eat plants fart vegans
democratic agenda destroy free speech control racial division arrest enemies stalin voting

Alternate Reality of Liberal Viewers

media blackout pseudonyms hide biden communications

Social Media Posts of the Day

x people 40s boring costco case green tea
x ice breakers anxious fun fact dont listen anyone else
x aoc government 2020 election not stolen
x mainstream media yahoo melania trump kamala harris boots

Quote of the Day

quote mises tyrants despots dictators convinced for people

Message of the Day

message all distraction from the treason

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