08-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

car water dog pushing no idea help
jabba her gotta be 6 foot 5 money house cars like kids
book wet beavers looking for wood
the ones telling you give up everything wont give up a thing
not allowed facebook water wet fact check
ron paul race card inflation thin air
religion that worships guns 1st 2nd amendment protection
babylon bee hurricane hilary deaths to be labeled suicides
cookie monster puppet excuse parenting obesity
2030 food pyramid world economic forum anti depressants bugs seed
twilight zone imagine government more stop ivermectin and hydroxychrloquine than fentanyl
conspiracy theorists government propaganda scorecard
democrats republicans what i screwed up over summer break
democrats trump polls biden release indictments robert peters 10 percent
babylon bee biden maui victims fire sandals sand hot
remember treated colds rest soup rather than communism

We Can Totally Believe Their Predictions Now, Though 👌

headline global warming climate change un 1989

Social Media Posts of the Day

x atlanta college mask mandate
x age 22 taxes high school mitochondria powerhouse cell
x vivek nikki haley frank luntz
x office jobs no experience white house
x stress mom murder podcasts
x if start wearing masks again bs deserve tyrannical government stop being weak

Message of the Day

message if cant trust people freedom how trust with power

Quote of the Day

party ignore evidence eyes biden didnt dose off fact check

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