08-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

wow mom sign hang rite letter
49ers lance sell broken record player fix
me waiting phone stopping ringing text what do you want
support group addicted violating facebook community standards
criminals gun laws fence fetal position
people unfollow friend different opinion wont mainstream media
hawaiin sign sorry president biden almost lost corvette maui
teacher discussing division today critical race theory
trump cigarette know another indictment more biden corruption
sponge bob banks examining 2000 credit limit 100 billion bond portfolio
climate change catastophe globalists tax regulate freedoms pretending save planet
message dr fauci prison what the next lockdown should look like
janet yellen pay no attention bidenomics xi jingping china
when criminals die biden kneeling hawaiians fall asleep
how to interact someone falls masking again point laugh

Social Media Posts of the Day

x trump isn't even first actor home alone 2 mugshot
x vivek bill kristol retweet ramaswamy impressively loathsome
x just got vaccinated climate change get yours work better
x mess with family shoes closet keys cant find
x tik tok great name senior citizens dating app
x sign older kids intentionally accidentally

Clown World

message only in america stop football game measuring chains angles wont verify integrity of election

Quote of the Day

quote big government held together lies truth treasonous ron paul

Biden Weaponization of Government Against Political Enemies Continues

doj sues spacex musk discrimination

Not only is the Biden Admin going after political enemies, but in this case the DOJ is suing because Musk’s company chose to favor hiring Americans over noncitizens. It should tell you where Biden’s priorities are. So, if you live in a high-crime area and are told the government doesn’t have the time & money to go after true criminals, remember this lawsuit, the intimidation actions against anyone Trump related, and all the other colossal wastes of resources. For the top leaders of the American Left, the ONLY priority is power, using every means necessary to maintain and grow it. BTW, let’s not forget that Elon Musk was once the Left’s favorite person in the world. He didn’t become a political “enemy” until he stood up for free speech and medical freedom. Need I say more?

Message of the Day

message office jim whiteboard world not getting worse shelter reality lifting

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