08-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

hide snacks unemployed lazy ice cream sandwich lettuce
buying bong 1997 one large water pipe tobacco use only
dumb ape human pay dmv to use own property
left 1990s defy authority now cameras obey the rules
benedict arnold betray country sizable fortune biden hold my beer
bro source worlds knowledge fingertips search engine wont even read
corruption denier believe everything government media tell you alternate viewpoints
cancelled hits boys are back queen fat bottomed girls
alien predator on yet trying coronavirus again
new world order setting fires global warming climate change

Social Media Posts of the Day

x bob barker 99 close to dollar legend
x randy johnson photography bird
x daughter son ready to go rolling out of bed
x love kindness not waving go 4 way stop their turn

Quote of the Day

quote tucker carlson government propaganda selectively edit lies

Time to Draw a Line in the Sand

x adams first corporation requires gets taken down

Expect some liberal-run big corporation like Starbucks, Target, or Costco to be the first to bring back the national mask mandate for their employees, customers, or both. Make them pay!!! Even if it’s just for the employees, stand in solidarity with them since they’re the ones who suffer the most, forced to strap face diapers 40 hours per week or lose their jobs. Extend the punishment to schools — make it clear there will be no alumni donations EVER AGAIN if they enforce more Covid tyranny. For younger kids, if you don’t have the option to change schools or home school, make the school boards absolutely miserable. No more passive, silent grumbling compliance for any more nonsensical, unhealthy, unconstitutional, dehumanizing medical totalitarianism!!!

Message of the Day

message more you learn realize thought you knew conscious people

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