09-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

online quizzes mental disorders diagnosed with
work until bank account like phone number 911
am i adopted mom dad why pick you dogs
grocery stores return arrows safe
facts guns freedom speech taken away enforce tyranny
progressives awful new research paper vs plastic straws
me new life woods dog orwellian clown world
media credible source said we need to mask flipping bird
biden chalkboard should be obvious by now never about making things better
democrats cpr covid stay with me
biden next useful home appliance banning ceiling fan
woman mask wrong about everything opinion less valid exactly
vox tax spending policies increasing poverty around world
gop establishment democrat party hands dc coruption cookie jar arrest trump

It’s (D)ifferent

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x icebreaker make them regret it
x political scientists dont know caused inflation climate change
x dont listen doctors risk license nothing to gain paid for media
x way destroy republic criminization political speech

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Incapable of Original Thoughts

liberal scream podcast colbert fallon kimmel meyers oliver

Quote of the Day

quote dresden james well packaged web lies generations speaker raving lunatic

Message of the Day

message someone tinfoil hat better than blindfold

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One thought on “09-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Ya know
    Watching the way the entrenched Democrats have been treating Trump
    And the way the Trump supporters got treated leading up to 2016 and pretty much nonstop there after I think the best way to tell these people this is not the kind of country we’re going to allow And I’m talking about people that would identify as blue and red. The best thing we can do is support trump and reject everybody else
    wear red clothing all the time.

    The yellow vest were very effective in France.

    We could do the same thing with yellow vest or orange vest but I think a red shirt would be better for America.

    Let’s face it, if you can remember three presidents or 10 did any of them really make a difference in turning America off the path we have been on during your lifetime?
    How about the senators and congressmen at all levels have any of them really made a lasting change or you can look back and say yeah five years ago we got such a search changed and we are so much better off?

    I think we can agree that we are certainly much worse off today than we were on the same date 2018.

    To be honest, I was terribly disappointed in trumps performance. He made a good show during the debates in 16 but to be honest, it was more like watching the cheerleader squad,
    maybe his big mouth was calling out the clowns and maybe he did lower the swamp enough to expose the stumps, it may be because of him or people realize that there’s a waterfall just around the next bend.

    But looking back the Ron Paul movement made it possible for Trump as Ron Paul woke up a more intellectual batch of people. we saw the grassroots support of Ron Paul and we saw the republican party crush him. same way, the Democrat party destroyed, Bernie Sanders.

    Trump came along, and we saw the republican party try to crush him in the same manner, and he was prepared. He pushed it through, and he won the election.
    It’s safe to say there may never be another honest elation of this country.

    I dare say that if he does win in 24 it is because the string, pullers realize they better through a bone to his side and regroup on down the road.

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