09-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

why drunk on weekday im an adult
maxine live life no regrets cant remember anything
part of problem solution rhetorical ideas
biden age just a number kamala takeover iq just a number
chess people fall every psyop understand central banking agenda 2030
batman slap men cant talk about abortion can get pregnant
air conditioners then now dust on filter
advisors biden no questions media misspeak tell embarassing truth
liberal teacher blm pride communist no patch.jpg
c3po 6 million forms communication biden got nothing
son one day be a man still wear face mask
select all squares with fed white supremacists skip

Social Media Posts of the Day

x breaking point covid stay inside unless to protest trump
x cleaning house kids literally no point
x life video game graphics plot confusing tutorial way too long
x zuby know who stand by turn on because tv told them

Quote of the Day

quote sowell study history intellectuals wrecking crew dismantling civilization sounds good

American Communist Liberals Union

Remember, the ACLU not only ignored, but cheered on, the endless government civil liberty violations during Covid—lockdowns, censorship, church closings, protest stifling, and so on—it didn’t matter. However, they still find some battles to take on…

aclu sues state indiana not paying transgender child killer

Message of the Day

message command you wear mask v vendetta

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