09-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

morning people bragging up 4am 8pm asleep
burning cat nip bombs feral domestic
need stop buying stupid things crocks toes
before get started zoom turn on cameras bong
un come on boil earth
al sharpton bernie sanders hours pick up check
irs fnd out nickel swallowed kid doctor gloves
island boating without license
use cash telling government what you buy not fcking business
ozzy osborne iocoherent biden hoard my beer
biden regime copying paper of orwell 1984
sanctuary cities fork outlet chicago san franscisco dc la philadelphia
notebook joe biden speak translator hey jack no joke cmon man lies
jill covid again boosters biden give another one

Social Media Posts of the Day

x lot woman drivers turn good drivers watch out
x 2023 parents bus pick up 1988 school ended
x kids kiss concert barefoot smell weed
x pumpkin spice latte backs starbucks christmas music

Quote of the Day

quote sun tzu enemy quick to anger irritate him

Message of the Day

message sign womens sport not retirement plan failed male athletes

Just Another Weapon in the Anti-Free Speech Ruling Class Arsenal

Link: https://twitter.com/CollinRugg/status/1699065805374431647

Media Matters, Southern Poverty Law Center, ADL, fact checkers, etc. are all legit-sounding cogs in the massive Leftist censorship machinery. They provide cover for anti-free speech Big Tech and mainstream media efforts. It should tell you something just how much passion and resources the Ruling Class spends to keep the peasants from speaking freely!

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