09-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

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large deep dish pizza 11.99 sure grandma get you to bed
school picture kid mooning
9 of 10 husbands wife always right 10th not seen study conducted
how hollow point bullets work cat
joe biden next trick make saving paycheck disappear
to be insulted must first value your opinion
tax cut robbery government 1900 not 2000
people cant govern themselves but believe hundreds millions others
dont like post ignore like do government corruption
democrats requesting 50 million for convention security just get some gun free zone signs
government 2021 take shot starve fire camps no one forced you

Lesson of the Day

lesson lift body knees bent

Social Media Posts of the Day

x too many automatic toilets flush trust self driving cars
x meeting could have been email im not reading that
reddit arrr pirate yo ho hoo not paying 600 for photoshop
x rachel maddow famous rant covid vaccines prevent transmission

“But, the President Can’t Control the Price of Gas!”

x biden cancelling oil gas leases arctic

Remember, these kind of moves by the Biden admininistration not only stop the specific energy production, they discourage others from even investing or starting new projects.

joe biden pay high gas prices necessary liberal world order
why dont steal elections gas prices

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Message of the Day

message we outnumber those can tell us what cannot do pass it on

Quote of the Day

quote garrison kreese reasonable men show no mercy

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4 thoughts on “09-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. And just as a reminder. When the nation was founded, there were about 30,000 counted citizens for every US House member. Given that blacks, women, and males under 21 could not vote, in some districts it meant that there were as few as 5,000 actual voters per House member. Now the number of citizens “represented” by each member is 750,000 to nearly 1,000,000. That’s 2500 times what we started with. Thanks to yet another horrible law from the Progressive Era, the number of US House members has not increased since 1910 (The Apportionment Act of 1910) and cannot increase no matter how much our population grows. We are now the SECOND LEAST REPRESENTED NATION on earth behind India and their 1.3 Billion people. This is what the long game in nation destruction looks like.

    • Wow, good info. It never occurred to me that the representation didn’t get adjusted for population growth. 1,000,000 is way too much. And don’t forget the way they froze the States out by changing Senate elections to popular vote.

      • The Progressive Era influence on America has been purely TOXIC. It impacted BOTH worthless major parties and continues to hold sway. By the time the 17th was passed, a majority of states were already holding popular elections of the US Senators and simply rubber stamping the votes in the state legislature (so abiding by the Constitution if not the intent). THAT is how the Amendment got passed that changed things. And don’t think for a minute that some states wouldn’t revert back to that horrible practice if the 17th were abolished. Just look at how they now are looking to subvert the Electoral College by going with the popular vote. Truly no point in trying to continue with this tyranny as an “intact” nation any longer.

  2. I think it was someone in the Illinois legislature who said The cause of the South is now the cause of all.

    There isa good talk, I believe it’s by one of the Kennedy brothers, not of the Kennedy dynasty mind you and if you’re familiar with The Abbeville Institute, you’ll know who I’m talking about.
    But in the body of his speech he outlined why additional states were spun off from the original 13.
    It is because to maintain a Republican form of government you have to limit a State’s population ant approximately 250,000.
    When a State exceeded this amount, a new state was formed.
    The Swiss have maintain this practice, and as recently as the late 70s, or possibly later a new Canaan was formed.
    Not only does this limit population by numbers, but it allows like-minded people to live in an area where they can maintain the government suitable for their culture.
    I forget who published the data, but I believe he was Russian, and he concluded that America is actually nine separate cultural nations living within our borders.
    Never in the history of the world has it worked out well to have multiple cultures occupying the same land.

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