09-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

joe burrow massive contract extention limo caulkin
pavlovs cat bell ring owner feeds
multivitamin morning about 37 beers
passive aggression snide remarks comment receiving 20 years pent up rage
loser every sleep see facebook timeline first thing morning
florida hurricanes since 1850 last climate change
kid need help with division homework math social studies
how hard fck no pronounce put on mask
millenials gen y social security government dumb dumber iou
wake up post spicy memes laugh commies triggered
fauci masks little effect recommend anyway
im barack obamas whistleblower
babylon bee doj convicts proud boys of rioting for wrong side

Trump’s Popularity Explained in One Photo

trump guns all sides soros fake news indictments communists deep state rinos

MSM “Journalists,” Maybe Talk to Someone Outside Your Liberal Echo Chamber Bubble?

headline georgie tammy bruce mocks abc trump biden poll

Social Media Posts of the Day

x covid 7th jab covid 3 times cult ford
x comforting kid wont say f words school
x wife bed early dogs i whos in charge
x woman serial killer dating site

Quote of the Day

quote kipling beware overconcern money position glory meet care none how poor you are

Cannot Be Repeated Enough Times

lesson sars avian swine corona every election year

Message of the Day

message those us stood last time covid tyranny not stand alone this time

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