09-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

watching football stress free remembering fantasy team
detroit lions kanye swift nbc announcers asterick
cats bed food is good service is slow
nfl fans looking at schedule win loss split
walmart grill shopping cart
screwdriver cctv repairman pretending destroy cameras priceless
quit calling dc swamp sewer rats sht
mosaic kamala harris black men locked up
truth media dam keep from reaching people
dogs trash blame on climate change like joe biden
adl leftists trojan horse censorship x
biden liar moron easily blackmailed make controlled demolition incompetence
they live media not journalists actors operatives make sense
fauci masks little no difference covid mouth most productive use
us capitol teacher what is this building nursing home
cartman governor of new mexico do what i want

Social Media Posts of the Day

x nobody more surprised husband hearing wifes plans 2nd time
x couple went to gym together 6 months guy wait outside

Face Palms of the Day

x peta cows milk white supremacy
x game white people trying too hard not be racist cant win
babylon bee scientists warn within 5 months humanity run out of things to call racist

Flashback Reminder

headline top khmer rouge fought social justice

Remember that virtually all mass atrocities throughout history have been perpetrated by governments with leaders trying to build, in their minds, some ideal Utopian society. True evil is brought out by ends-justifies-the-means thinking which causes typical human values to be buried in the name of the “Cause,” “The Party,” “The Master Race,” “Equality,” or whatever the justification.

And They Will Do It Again in a Heartbeat to Preserve Their Power

never forget masking babies in name of science

Quote of the Day

quote jonathon swift admit wrong wiser than yesterday

Message of the Day

message remember rinos mcdaniel mccarthy mcconnell election integrity

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One thought on “09-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. From “No One Left To Lie To”, By Christopher Hitchens, 1999.

    “… the two main parties were too much alike, resembling two cozily fused buttocks of the same giant derriere …”

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