09-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

wife shopping list pictures cutout
baby yoda somebody testing you show crazy side shine bright diamond
sign pure male syrup pass pancakes
communism destroys every place been present give it another shot
classroom mama bears chalkboard government parental rights not at school door
sponge bob patrick instagram kill censored post save internet
liberal guy ukraine soviet maga shirt girl
imagine how much propaganda small farmers problem gates schwab fauci crooks
biden bringing back covid restrictions majority americans ignoring
bike spokes america illegal immigrants sanctuary cities republicans
irs screaming mother 3 venmo politicians insider training
what is biden helmet protecting at this point

The Alternate Universe of the Liberal Bubble

Is there a more out-of-touch group of writers in the world than at this center of communist propaganda? Rush Limbaugh used to say that his words began a conservative “echo chamber.” The Leftist/statist version of the echo chamber (and probably 95 percent of mainstream media) is the place where journalism goes to die, the New York Times.

wont believe what saw on news correct

Social Media Posts of the Day

x american math team beats china asians
x wish white men stop perpetuating idea race gender exist
x participation trophies kids soft clutter
reddit better off financially than parents upstairs

Quote of the Day

quote alice cooper 6 year old wants to play confusing him boy girl

Message of the Day

message rick morty constitution limiting government power not citizens rights

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