09-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

jets watching rodgers go down 5 minutes season oh no we suck again
gen x only generation age 30 at 10 50
rip aaron rodgers jets era minutes
texts girl want good sex came to right guy
this generation kids showed why parents whipped asses
nation torn mad biden shows up glad
i said we aint complying
home sign security protected by fck around and find out
governor new mexico disarmed mr white breaking bad
2075 homies most fact checks community guideline violations meme wars
king just say for roads degend stealing their money
doi taking alaska drilling leases back
ugly racist border wall nyc adams building
jean pierre president biden vacation wander over
drop the anti defamation league cleaner adl
jimmy fallon toxic workplace late night tv who

Social Media Posts of the Day

x trust the science marketing shut up and obey
x cure add take pill same time every day
x biden speech agree won presidency or go to prison decades
x taking medical advice xs grocery virus sideways

Quote of the Day

quote sorbo 2020 election monopoly winning break question throw away pieces

Message of the Day

message reason dont believe lied to brainwashed sign

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