09-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

far side harmless lion elevator trail startles
dogs start barking head off 5 minutes
willy wonka then now making chocolate welcome to jungle
babylon bee experts aaron rodgers injury unvaccinated
shoutout memers more dispel government propaganda kramer narrative road
what time is it do not comply oclock watch
me explaining bidenomics tommy boy crash
us banks good times my profit capitalism bad our losses communism
angry liberal woman standing up toxic masculinity shaving head justice
sopranos people florida california sht newcomers
not mad they lied government media i didnt fall for it
family feud things stick up ass government masks lockdowns bug meat
babylon bee pelosi announces bid two more years insider training

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet hours before flight starbucks final boarding call marry each other
x distrust of government for you article
x kids smart important loud expensive you
x narcel movie diversity entirly nordic

Keep Fighting for “Democracy” 👍

headline zelensky wont hold ukrainian elections without financial support us eu

Lesson of the Day

lesson false flag horrific staged event blame enemy

Quote of the Day

quote zizek good people do bad things thinking

Message of the Day

message falling rocks watch obedience common sense

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