09-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

first puppy sleeping on bed years husband spare room
bingo name of dog or farming questioning everything life
bull cow bed a1 steak sauce kinky
elaine dance someone making tiktok public rest of society
liberal soviet you disagree with me thats a phobia
guys see pitbull dog gun hell yeah
stalin soviet starved to death liberal no
why dont trust experts masks health secretary mental food disorders
patriots of today 1776 respect authority obey redcoats lives matter
disney animated movies live action remakes horse cartoon
online relationships undercover fbi agents
carjacking defund police shivanthi

What, He Didn’t Think His 10 Percent Approval Rating Would Carry Him to Re-Election?

x mitt romney wont seek reelection

He Really Did Say This With a Straight Face 🙄

x headline schumer americans dont want witchhunts

The Hollywood actors better end their strike soon as they have nothing on the actors in DC. In other news, gaslighting doesn’t exist. If you think you witnessed any instances of Democrats engaging in witchhunts the past 8 years, you’re clearly insane.

Social Media Posts of the Day

x 3rd 4th shot selling 1st one highly effective strategy
x woman hold door man mask on establish dominance
x youtube removing ability to remove skippable ads timing
x mexico alien photo average us senator
x toddler daycare clean up song sleeper agent activation

Quote of the Day

quote grande taxation without consent robbery legalized declare

Why Do We Rely on Anything Said by These Ass Clowns 🙄

fda decongenstants dont work nyquil cold medicines

These have been on the market over my lifetime, but suddenly now they’re ineffective? Anyone who’s taken them knows they’re mainly good for drugging you into a coma. As with Covid remedies, or anything we may consume, we don’t need government scientists with obvious conflicts of interest to tell us what works or doesn’t work. People should have learned from decades of the FDA Food Pyramid that there is no bigger oxymoron than “settled science.”

Message of the Day

message they tried question mind intuition gaslight didnt budge proud

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5 thoughts on “09-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. The phenylephrine (PE) formulations came out because of the regulations against ephedrine containing products. I never thought they worked at all in comparison.

    My fave was the old alka seltzer cold relief with ephedrine. Could still work with a cold if necessary, just made me feel better.

  2. When did Ariana Grande finally clue in? And just to clarify, pseudoephedrine is a highly effective antihistamine that is demonized because you can make methamphetamine from it. It was removed from most OTC preparations, and those that continue to include it are now behind the counter where ID or even a prescription in some backwards states like Mississippi) is required for purchase. Your info is recorded in a database, and if you purchase too much too frequently, the cops show up at your home. Phenylephrine was the drug company’s replacement for this effective yet demonized drug. All sorts of companies started including this worthless chemical in products to start claiming new remedies. Nyquil, Benedryl, and other products are still the same as they always were. It’s just these new formulations with the claim of decongestant, etc that are crap. Of course nobody will properly use the term FRAUD in regards to this. It is a CRIME, and everyone who ever purchased any of this deserves financial compensation plus punitive payments.

  3. When you look at the type of people who destroy THEMSELVES with meth and other drugs, or too many triple cheeseburgers, and fries, I t’s just chlorine in the gene pool.

    Seeing that the medical industry has turned on us I’ve done quite a bit of study on medicinal herbs.

    A Lotta good stuff is already in your spice rack and that was the biggest eye-opener of my study but since we’re on the topic of decongestants having heard about rabbit tobacco, all my life, and never knowing what it really was, that stuff is good and it’s all around, of course that depends where you live
    You stuffed up or got a hacking cough, just smoke some and in 10 to 15 minutes the cough is gone and the congestion is starting to clear.
    Don’t need a cigarette or a pipe as you can light some in a dish and breathe over it
    Maybe add some mint leaves and sage.

    And that quote up there about taxation and robbery, that is not original to her whoever she is.

  4. Here’s one for the choir.


    I remember when the riots were starting a police officer, friend of mine was angry that people were not taking care of their cities. I told him the first thing they had to take care of was the police before they could take care of their cities
    For as long as the police are free to come out of their compounds and protect the rioters there was nothing in the ordinary citizen could do as the police are protecting the rioters just as they had the protesters attacking the Trump supporters in 2015 and 2016.

    • Obviously you haven’t taken cold medicine in a long time. They used to work great when they contained pseudoephedrine. You can still get it from the pharmacist with ID. Now the unregulated cold medicine uses ineffective ingredients and are useless.

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