09-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

pooh summer body not ready winter body good to go
recliner cat furniture not supposed to talk get off
jets sign veteran uncle rico quarterback napolean dynamite
bar sign making too many sober decisions
things never see government violate rights steal resources unicorn
conspiracy theorist obvious observations orwellian times mom daughter
leftist proverb why need rights up to something
wood wall what followers social media fact checkers posts
mainstream media news biden following orders white house disinformation
babylon bee man wears mask let know bad risk analysis
bidens record dumpster fire media democrats carrying
iran no cheating on iran 6 billion deal blinken boomer
we voluntarily gave up more rights after 911 than attackers by force
biden environmental protesters gluing feet to floor
joe biden majoy adams immigration wreck it there new york
babylon bee authenticity mexican alient kids hit pinata candy

Social Media Posts of the Day

x fashion week imposter wearing trash bag
x trump jr only going after hunter biden gun charges doesnt tie back to joe
x politicians suspend rights emergency pandoras box perpetual
x some of you fought toilet paper freedom not the same

Message of the Day

message politicians doing it again didnt hang them last time

The Spiral of Bidenomics

headline uaw strikes gm ford stellantis plants

Nothing good can come from these strikes. Auto workers, like UPS drivers, justifiably want wage increases large enough to keep up with the runaway inflation. Since the Democrat Party is joined at the hip with the unions, my guess is the workers will get most of what they want, with bailouts for the lost profits coming from the federal government (i.e. us). Whether or not that happens, foreign competitors gain an additional advantage, there is more incentive to replace workers with automation, and inevitably the cost increases are passed on to consumers. Transportation, like food, energy, and housing, is essential. So Americans will once again have to bend over and take it. Like most Americans, the auto workers’ celebration of the wage increases will only last until they figure out the higher wages don’t buy as much as they used to. Car companies have to somehow manage the cost increases without going out of business, made more difficult by the fact they must make up for billions in Electric Vehicle losses that have been forced on them. Imagine what the EV losses would be without government subsidies! Of course, we can’t lose the auto companies and all the related jobs (DNC translation: large voting bloc), which leads me to the bailout prediction. Are you seeing how intrusive, insanely stupid government meddling spirals out of control?

sign price increases due to circumstances biden did that
quote reagan government if economy moves tax it keeps moving regulate stops moving subsidize
living wage 15 25 30 100 bigot

Quote of the Day

quote ayn rand order to produce men produce nothing society doomed

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2 thoughts on “09-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. No terrorist or even foreign army has EVER taken away our rights and liberties. EVERY LOSS has been at the hands of our criminal government at one level or another. The claim that governments are put in place to protect our rights is complete BS. Governments are put in place by those who know that without the “authority ” the term government grants, there is no way they could get away with what they are planning. While the “anti-federalists” like Jefferson may have had good intentions, the “federalists” like Adam’s and Hamilton most certainly did not. Great stuff as always Joe.

    • It is quite ironic how few people have heard of the anti-federalist papers.
      What the writers of the federalist papers promise would not happen, has happened with the writers of the anti-federalist papers promised would happen has happened
      Another good read is constitution of no treason by Laysander Spooner and the law by Frederick basalt.

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