09-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

duck hunter quack calls greatest moment
old nursing home cougars young stud
call important to us hold call line not to you
politician come from serial killer and clown love each other mother
air quotes msnbc fox cnn history discovery channel news science
latest psyop alient 2020 burned up budget
my natural immunity looking upon your waning artificial boosted
fact checker reality can be what want to be thanos
climate change tshirt globalist trojan horse
parents meetings reading porn children only
fact prison inmates more stop child than own government
biden harris admin gun ny times cnn
babylon bee colin kaepernick no slave owner no matter how many times tries out
apple same phone higher price reveal fans
cbs kansas mayor resigns backing mask mandate this is the way
mexican alien remains voted biden 2020

Social Media Posts of the Day

x no lies kids world economic forum devil worshipping
x support government shutdowns nature healing
x mosquito deink blood capri sun my leg
x wife more time fantasy football draft strategy planning wedding
x kindergartner resourceful self care think outside the box nap

Quote of the Day

quote person never owned dog missed wonderful part of life

Message of the Day

message welcome use anything page dont need credit share nobody owns truth

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