09-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

finally in bed neighbors dog testing woof
ubereats food tip delivery bill addition
back dinosaurs no memes boobies calculator
beach scarecrow never forget legend height lockdown lunacy
democrats impeachment damage democracy hate frame bury destroy trump buttons
why post memes mom new world order psychos
ukraine flag what sexuality is this
different locations pain migraine taco bell corporate media masks lecture
babylon bee journalists wait email biden administration insructions
government protecting epstein clients everyone kevin hart
biden prisoners for cash iran dummies cow billions
new world order train society selfies
jean pierre white house no evidence joe biden hands cookie jar
lisa simpson refuse lectured government loses f 35

Social Media Posts of the Day

x two distinct parenting approaches before after
x girlfriend dressed policy good in bed dismissed charges
x house hunting like online dating loom nothing like photos
x greta thunberg one of kids complained childhood stolen
x thousands years grow food sew shelter 2 generations to erase dependent on system

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

ron paul congress psychopathic authoritarians farewell address

The Left’s Standard Operating Procedure

x alleged sexual assault trump musk rogan kavanaugh brand common denominator blue rd pill

Quote of the Day

quote sigmund freud masses never thirsted truth demand illusions

Message of the Day

message office jim whiteboard sample people demand accept way life destroy yours

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