09-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cats new dog sense disturbance in the force
zoom conference work brought donuts
font matters notes i will always find you
listen pharmacist ignore double dose alcohol
vasectomy wife snacks nutless buddy tender balls no more nuts
past diploma academic standards present buyer beware
babylon bee hollywoord writers return from strike ready destroy beloved franchises
ron swanson love when government shuts down means were winning
important scientific study proves depends funding
democrat guide emergency blame climate change racism trump free stuff
war who is it good for support lockhead raytheon dont question
npc liberal cant fight goverment guns jan 6th unarmed
vaccination exit enter doorways never ending circle
babylon bee biden deploys troops border register new voters
bank of iran 6 billion move death to america account
trudeau freedom convoy truckers bunch of natzis
bart simpson epstein client list brand allegations 20 years ago
trudeau truckers natzis parliment putin bike accident

Social Media Posts of the Day

x no plans today wife found out didnt know about
x correct me if im wrong internet right
x wife swims crossfit peloton carbs gains husband walk park loses
x fetterman mail in ballots
x world leaders photo op masks come off

They’ll Do Anything to Stop Free Speech

x russell brand rumble burger king hello fresh boycott

Knock It Down for Good

freedom caucus republican party wall wrecking ball

Quote of the Day

quote peterson if you think tough men dangeous wait see weak men

Message of the Day

just in capitalism not government monopoly bailouts protectionism

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2 thoughts on “09-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. The last one is outstanding. Republicans and Conservatives throw around the term “capitalism” and “free market capitalism” with no regard to what these terms REALLY MEAN. When both major parties corrupt the meaning of these important economic terms, it allows both of them to blame all sorts of things for economic failures other than their own progressive/socialist policies of government intervention and manipulation.

  2. We don’t actually have true capitalism.

    Wealthy control most major companies (corporatism),

    & governments (socialism is all around us, such as school system)

    & they use both to destroy capitalism,

    because capitalism is self-ownership & breaks people free from control.

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