09-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

woman online earns 9000 eating online ape 247
baby yoda call me anytime ringer off missed
wife husband take pill wrapped in bacon dog
obiwan task manager not responding end unresponsive tasks not join
news tell u what to think decide if happened
ron swanson interrupting anything important work for government
biden behind trump polls ll cool j boy merrick garland trump indictment
iphone 14 users upgrading 15 next week same shirt
biden pressing button release covid election coming
uaw give everything if keep biden on strike end of term
babylon bee emoji distances self democrats
biden drowning rio grande border votes chaos
they live glasses biden ban assault weapons only government guns
uaw batteries made in china climate change trump drill truck

Social Media Posts of the Day

x straight man choose making fun astrology getting laid
x wife greatest magic trick spot husband couldnt find
x men agree something stupid responses

Quote of the Day

quote breakfast club all bizzare some better at hiding it

The Coming Time Bomb

10-year Treasury yield reaches level not seen in more than 15 years

The U.S. National Debt has surpassed $33 trillion and is growing by trillions more every year, but we haven’t yet felt the true pain of this debt since Trump refinanced most of it when interest rates were near zero. However, the exploding inflation has pushed rates on new “risk-free” government debt to over 5 percent with promises to go higher. As existing debt matures, compounded with annual deficit spending, the higher rates will eventually hit America (and the world) with a financial time bomb. Interest alone at 5% of $33 trillion would be $1.65 trillion every year compounded, or about 1/3 of the total revenues the federal government takes in. To put that in perspective, that’s about what the federal government currently spends on Medicare and national defense combined! That’s if total debt and interest rates don’t get any worse. Unfortunately, 90 percent of the DC swamp creatures from both parties don’t really care in the least. They’ll be long gone from office when the true pain hits.

book national debt for babies what youll owe
jim cramer cnbc titanic ship unsinkable

Reminder: Establishment Republicans “Opposing” Democrats Is All for Show

fox news perino clinton foundation amazing hillary

Proposed Solution

government shutdown 15 days to slow the spread

Message of the Day

message fewer things controlled by politicians less matters who controls them

Primary Season Is Coming

You know what to do.

x republican senators voted favor additional funding ukraine

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2 thoughts on “09-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. The “message of the day” is the MOST IMPORTANT message to take to heart. A government without any serious power is what the founding fathers envisioned. Now, the government regulates virtually every second of your life…and the destructive nature of that shows. But as anyone who has been involved in local party politics (where the primary contests REALLY get decided) will tell you, the entire process is rigged in favor of whomever the party leadership wants in power…and by extension, the powers that be that control both worthless criminal major political parties. Elections are not going to be the way out of this unfortunately.

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