10-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

felt emotion passed out drunk horse
librarian book turn cover get started kid
bmw recall turn signal indicator fire new customer
dont pay income tax if no income wink
prius bumper sticker saving fuel buy guns ill allow it
say louder those in back facebook fact checkers opinion
us senate looking for feinstein replacement nursing home
teachers when i kid math reading now communism capitalism gender fluidity
republicans democrats corporations media blocking epstein client list
media shutdown crime inflation age housing immigration ukraine kelce swift
dont want party 1999 grocery shop
if build back better superhero wonder woman drag
menendez bribery bail accept gold bars

There Is No Bigger Enemy of the Globalist Ruling Class Than Free Speech

x musk trudeau canada podcasts streaming censorship
babylon bee trudeau cool new mustache ukraine

Center of Ruling Class Communist Indoctrination

In unrelated news, former attendees of Harvard include: Barack & Michelle Obama, Mitt Romney, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Sheryl Sandberg, FDR, George W. Bush, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Al Gore, Pete Buttigieg, Ted Kennedy,…

quote thomas sowell disasters throughout history see to have man from harvard in middle of it


liz warren mansion native america harvard system rigged rich

Social Media Posts of the Day

x two kinds of people morning dislike marry each other annoy
x give example society better subtract from age
x wife hostess cupcakes school absent
x biden paintings 500k money laundering kickbacks

Quote of the Day

quote 2 most important days born find out why mark twain

Message of the Day

message when oppose narrative become the target

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One thought on “10-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. They aren’t looking at elder care facilities full of old capable white folks who have likely had productive lives that contributed to society, they are looking at BLM/ANTIFA gatherings filled with black lesbians who have been nothing more than parasites their entire lives. And lo and behold, that’s exactly what Newsome chose.

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