10-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

realizing swifties first nfl game zach wilson better than patrick mahomes
wife object at rest unless acted on external force dishes husband
parents should be saving money for future
creep my own social media page date me
car charging wind powered ice plugged in
npc liberal no amount property human life dont risk looting
homer car soul crushing totalitarian clown world memes
babylon bee fire alarm democrats study determine
this house we believe government mafia media propaganda taxation theft
arianda grande little mermaid old new
pleases the crown reside property tax already purchased
mr kotter horsehack democrats ukraine money laundering clinton global initiative

See If You Can Spot Any Noticeable Trends 🤔

cpi inflation rate 1996 2022 inflation rate

Of course, these numbers include items like phones and computers that generally decrease in price. Plus, we know government is always tweaking economic number components to make themselves look as good as possible. You don’t need a graph, though, to tell you what you’re spending lately on food, shelter, cars, energy, interest, and so much more.

Social Media Posts of the Day

x millennials cant afford apartments shady kid
x megan fingerme naming convention email address
x lose phone daily refuse to take off silent
x elon musk gutted twitter election integrity undermining

Quote of the Day

quote berkeley few men think all have opinions

Message of the Day

message lisa simpson smart city easier to sell than concentration camp

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One thought on “10-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Property taxes should not exist. It is the same as old England where you had to pay tribute to the king. I hear the arguments that it is for the kids-schools, roads and government., Sorry, but revenue for all that should be through only sales tax and nothing else. People should not be taxed out and off their properties. The school tax is really a grift on the property owners. All the monies taken over the lifetime of owning property could but an triple A education, yet most monies are just wasted. And what about those who do not have children or chooses to home school or even private.
    We all should be secure in our properties as the Bill of Rights state.

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