10-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

consonants vowels know every move double agent y
drink water empty alcohol bottles neighbors
sitting in cat boxes comfort wine
me after two weeks taylor swift nfl kanye west
early costume idea boobies ghost
monkeys same idiots in congress made problem attempt to fix
young jamaal bowman forgot study big test fire
number polar bears year al gore born remaining
liberals complain crime cities get what you fcking deserve
biden shrink strong economy in the room with us
babylon bee biden successfully reduced coverage border
usa debt deficit spending sinking cant keep doing
bike spokes economy actually produce virtue signal greedy landlords capitalists
kaepernick waiting to hear back from the jets
democrat clown menendez corruption fighter ignore biden family
aliens didnt distract them release who killed tupac dr evil
if we vacation house speaker mccarthy fund ukraine missed where my problem
select all images speaker mccarthy

Quote of the Day

quote integrity doing right thing no one watching

Social Media Posts of the Day

x muffins cake for breakfast you ok
x riich enough 3 day holiday mental breadown
x hardest part dating same story hung up tech support
x gaetz mccarthy voting chaos trillions debt

Banana Republic Report

Link: https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1709004442421354504?s=20

x trump judge if juries get it wrong can overrule based on emotions
x biden admin opened 4th investigation into musk free speech weaponized government

Message of the Day

message people lie not punished truth are

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