10-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

old man costume cell rotary phone
how i apologize sorry but u are wrong
jerry scientists sleep 3am watching
king of hill not making music better football worse taylor swift
biden jill think i texted whole country emergency alert
communist cat dont steal memes share our memes
dog own leash adult no help coming motivate yourself move forward
google use device dog grown actually hacked
october friday 13th eclipse spookiest ever
voted democrat promised help foreign aid scooter
doj sacrificial scam menendez justice biden
donald duck i get it chris christie
free britney 2020 now knife wielding
trump trial new york judge engoron snicker clown

Ruling Class Globalists Would NEVER Try to Take Away Basic Freedoms 👌

headline eu un wef trudeat simultaneous crackdown independent news podcasting

I’ve actually been censored by Google and Facebook for posts about globalists trying to censor us. Yes, we are living in a clown world. 🙄

youre hiding disinformation inside your head

Social Media Posts of the Day

x australia strictest gun laws bot threat to freedom 10 years not unlocking phone
x looters businesses cops free stuff academics complicated issue
x james wood rino hack ukraine mccarthy
x this is magaaa goetz cliff kevin mccarthy

Quote of the Day

quote world full people seeming smarter than are kurt vonnegut

Message of the Day

message choosing wife important decision life

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