10-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

father costume atm kids wife cash
application sex no experience
if mess something up badly everyone wonder how possible
lisa homer simpson pick books like beers reading problem
man agrees media universities corporations hollywood resistance
democrats only thing biden guilty of loving child bribes
democrats republicans crisis averted spilling gasoline matches
babylon bee gavin newsom california free speech disagree arrested
zelensky ukraine winner powerball billions glitch
burglar in home europeans dont hurt me americas glock oclock octopus
democrats republicans elderly which tyrant lead slap cones
gaetz mccarthy graph fck around and find out
babylon bee millions phones biden wrong button life alert

Social Media Posts of the Day

x republican twitter leave career politicians alone
tweet socially awkward serial killers freezer
x elon musk visited border before biden harris unfiltered msm
x foreseen circumstances within my control late
x california people getting murdered arresting avocado dealers
x covid tyrants no surprise 2019 not like 2023 people

New Meme Gallery Added

Political Correctness & Censorship Meme Gallery 6

Quote of the Day

quote weiwei words can be deleted but facts wont be deleted with them

Message of the Day

message resist like its 1776 live like its 1984

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One thought on “10-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Thanks for still posting. I look forward to PI every morning. A bit of laughter and thought in these crazy times.

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