10-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dog bark on zoom lots treat
eating want consequences later beehive eagle
bank account liver every monday morning
wife blisters broom take car
feel terrible redbull drink and fast
ancestors fought war empire freedom lost overweight blue haired
waking up morning newest psyop cat phone
did he question mainstream media narrative sheep flock get him
joe biden misery american democracy mallot foot bed
remember to not discuss patient amazon echo muted sign
camera need bit pointed citizens politicians unelected government bureaucrats

Social Media Posts of the Day

x biden afghanistan north korea ukraine africa middle east trump start wwiii
x only thing wife hates more places eat my pick
x better life dog married couple no kids
x aoc if socialism doesnt work why dc friends all millionaires
x government stop spread fake misinformation mainstream media printing trillions inflation
x iran chanting death to america joe biden send another 6 billion fund terrorists

New Meme Gallery Added

I agree with Hillary Clinton, we must re-educate all you deplorable MAGA conservative/libertarian extremists ASAP!!! So, let’s get started…

NPC Liberal Programming Re-Education Meme Gallery

Quote of the Day

quote ron paul freedom defined not by safety live without government interference

Message of the Day

message kid sword be never knows how to quit

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