10-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

daughter found barbie mom son toy dad
therapist welcoming someone life buckle up
vampire dinner with side of pizza delivery
girls wearing too much makeup want to mop off
what people think spiritual awakening yoga actual not crazy
80s gen x spirit animal flipping bird clyde right turn
joe biden kamala harris another 4 years trick treating halloween
north korea control everything press movement vote food trudeau writing down
mainstream media cnn fox bbc msnbc abc garbage for body mind
76 tax tea paper revolution 2023 homer 40 percent income
joe biden usa yes gun free zone ukraine free gun zone
every zombie move some dude lab coat everything under control fauci
ken misgender trans him correct

I’m Old Enough to Remember When Democrats Were Considered Anti-War

ukraine pacifist code pink ukraine war party
dr evil stopped funding ukraine began israel hamas palestine war
obama biden shoveling cash iran attacking israel
babylon bee biden condemns hamas attack white house funded

From Soft-Spoken Deep Stater to Full-Blown DC Swamp Scumbag

x mike pence blaming opponents israel attack

For 99 Percent of Mainstream Media Who Can’t Put 2-and-2 Together

joe biden whiteboard tax send to ukraine hunter send back economic vision

Social Media Posts of the Day

x obsession criticizes us foreign policy russian agent apologist mccarthyism
x time for reality check would not recommend
x kids laughing playing pre fighting
x kid laughing changed font size phone old

Quote of the Day

quote alice mad hatter best people gone

Message of the Day

message if leave children world never stood up inherit they cant

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