10-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

halloween prank brussel sprouts dipped chocolate no costume
hot goth witch chick seduces sacrifice season
madden 2024 cover taylor swift
babylon bee nfl cuts away td show slow motion tarlor swift nacho
difference sex free pay for cheaper
ridiculous on internet real life people who know me
mom makes daughter use own money realize how expensive
doctor liberal depressed weather 30 years living in pod eating bugs
new people adding me my posts maniacal laughing
sponge bob government took guns away criminals magically obeyed the law
liberal biden harris trump reckless threats wwiii ukraine israel china
npc liberal biden harris covid ukraine israel trust the media
iran orchestrating attacks doesnt sound like us death to israel

Social Media Posts of the Day

x as kid knew winner election night technology more efficient insane if not questioning
x how pissed husband left another woman hamper
x why easier fall asleep couch unintentionally bed
x scenes israel scary not viking hat walking around no weapons
x cnn jake tapper eye opening period democrats antisemitism left

Note on Israeli-Palestinian Censorship Blog

Several readers took issue with my Friday blog on Israel-Hamas censorship, mostly because I was skeptical about decapitated babies. I’m not saying definitively this is NOT true. It definitely is possible, maybe even likely, given the atrocious actions taken by many radical Islamists in the past. The main point of the blog was that when you start censoring any alternative viewpoints, especially when there’s a long history of dishonesty in the “approved” version of the truth, you introduce skepticism into EVERY story. Let’s not forget that hundreds of millions of people around the globe still doubt the Holocaust ever happened despite it being one of the most documented events in world history.

The current mainstream media, governments, and Big Tech companies have completely lost their credibility. Many people nowadays, myself included, have grown reflexively disbelieving of EVERYTHING put out by these slimes. Yet, after three years of steady dishonest, gaslighting propaganda, rather than try to rebuild even a shred of that credibility, the message on the latest Middle Eastern conflict is “let’s do everything the same.” Everytime you see or hear the words “misinformation,” “disinformation,” and “hate speech,” there should be a flashing red light in your head that more Ruling Class censorship is on the way.

Meta says it’s stepping up ‘misinformation’ enforcement during Israel-Hamas war

Big Tech Fascism Meme Gallery 5

Quote of the Day

quote tom clancy what government good at taxes taking away freedom killing people

Message of the Day

message truth sounds like hate those hate truth

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2 thoughts on “10-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. It was the early 1960’s. I’d just bought my first transistor radio. Sanyo, Ten Transistor, medium wave and short wave bands. Got home, unboxed it, installed AA cells. Out to the front verandah, antenna extended. Local stations, loud and clear. Started tuning across the short wave band. A strong signal, a female voice, no particular accent, reading the news. “Today Indian forces fired two hundred rounds of artillery fire at Chinese positions.” I waited till a station ID was given “This is Radio Peking”. Had supper. Back outside, still on short wave. An Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) news, “Today Chinese forces fired two hundred rounds of artillery fire at Indian positions.”

    For some reason it was about that time that I started to have some slight doubts about ‘accuracy of the news’. That doubt has only been reinforced over the years. Today when I come across a ‘news source’ I’m not familiar with, I look at how they report on subjects that I have personal knowledge of. If my experience tells me “That’s wrong”, then I assume that stories about other subjects are just as wrong. Forget that source.

  2. I wouldn’t be so quick to treat the holocaust as well-documented history. Who did the documenting? The victors who also claimed that Pearl Harbor was a “surprise attack” even though we now know that FDR was provoking Japan for nearly a year and knew the attack was coming but needed to get the US involved in the war so his arms merchant and bankster friends could profit heavily? And who exactly has exploited the holocaust the most? Who has used it to justify every atrocity that has been committed by them ever since, including the apartheid and genocide that has been going on since 1948. Youtube just pulled down EVERY video documenting living conditions under Israeli rule in Palestine. In 10 years, what sort of “truth” do you think people will “know” about living conditions under Israeli rule? Even the entire “book burning” stories about the Nazis, fail to mention that virtually all of it was targeted at the books being published and put out by one infamous clinic in Germany that performed experimental sex changes, promoted homosexuality, and promoted sexual relationships between adults and children. History should NEVER be taken on face value. The victors ALWAYS write the history books.

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