10-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

preview shtty remake kid movie loved year released double damage
will smith costanza rejected by a bald woman jada
older regret people lost trail guide
people eating children sign dog leash not cleaning sick cannibals
sign welcome to texas spay or neuter liberal relatives
batman slap biden iran humanitarian billions
aoc omar people did something israel occupation shining twins
what feels like friends family 2+2=4 fingers
respect others opinions purple haired liberal others
science smoking cigarette through facemask
is 4 a lot context ars no boosters yes
us mexico border beware of maga climate change terrorism fentanyl trafficking
babylon bee lindsay graham we must bomb entire world
monkey getting ready tell republican democrat both psychopathic authoritarians

Do You Cheer for the Globetrotters or the Generals?

Some of you may remember the Harlem Globetrotters. They were a little before my time as I only remember them from a couple Scooby Doo cartoons. They were a basketball team that put on a show of fancy spinning balls, dribbling, dunking, etc. in the middle of a game with a team called the Washington Generals. The Generals acted like a serious team trying to win the game but really were mere props, there to provide the illusion of competition as they lost in an entertaining way to the stars of the show, the Globetrotters. I’ve heard this analogy before, but it never seemed more appropriate than in the last couple decades. That is, the Democrats are the Globetrotters, while the Republican Party plays the role of the Generals. The Democrats are the true stars of the show for the Ruling Class, while the Republicans are there to act as villains and provide “opposition.” As with the Generals, the Republicans are allowed to win on rare occasion, just to keep up the illusion of competition, but it’s all for show.

We’ve seen this with the pathetically bad candidates, John McCain and Mitt Romney, who didn’t even have majority support within their own parties. We saw this with George W. Bush, who followed a big government, war-focused agenda not much different from the Biden Democrats while not putting up even a shred of a fight as Hollywood, mainstream media, and academia redefined the image of conservatives and libertarians. And of course, we’ve seen how Bush, Cheney, Romney, McCain, Ryan, McConnell, Christie, and other Establishment Republicans have fiercely opposed a man finally putting up a real fight against the Ruling Class powers, Donald Trump. He was allowed to be the 2016 nominee only because he was expected to continue the tradition of losing. But then he unexpectedly won and broke the script, actually trying to defeat the Globetrotters. 😱

The latest House Speaker battle has evolved into a Republican Civil War between the old guard of the Establishment Washington Generals (McConnell, McCarthy, Pence, etc.) and a new wave (Goetz, Jordan, Paul, etc.). The old guard represents the business-as-usual, big-government, free-spending, lovable losers, while the new guard is actually trying to fight for what the Republican voters want. I don’t agree with every position of some of the anti-Establishment types, but they at least are trying to push for conservative/libertarian principles. Every poll shows Jim Jordan has overwhelming voter support over any Establishment Republican figure. The fact they nominated Steve Scalise in a secret meeting shows Establishment types don’t give a shit what their base voters want. It’s all about continuing the chirade. I’m not sure if the new MAGA Republicans will eventually weed them out, but if the Republican Party doesn’t radically change its ways, it deserves to die.

republicans democrats uniparty debt war tyranny
uniparty republicans mcconnell democrats schumer silence tucker carlson
x mitt romney paul ryan trying block jim jordan speaker
x liz cheney jim jordan non endorsement

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x trump flashlight exposed america oligarchy deep state pretend constitutional republic
x daughter fix plate bring career in comedy
x nightmare as kid monster adult buying house 9% interest this economy

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quote george orwell war not meant to be won continuous

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message corporations can buy favors from government because for sale

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2 thoughts on “10-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. A bit of historical perspective about the 9% mortgage interest meme: In 1979 my husband and I considered ourselves LUCKY to have secured an 11% mortgage on our first home. I think the APR was close to 12%.

    On the other hand, in 1979, living expenses didn’t include monthly WiFi, Smart phones, and streaming fees just to name a few outrageous expenses people now can’t live without. If you really want a home, you may need to learn to live for a time without technology. Oh, dear!

    Believe me, life will continue with landline phones and antenna tvs. Oh and learn new skills like the joy of reading a map. We lived over four decades without nouveau technology. We can do it again.

    If you want something badly enough, you can find a way.

  2. The Globetrotters are not extinct:

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