10-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

antique dolls move psalm 91 calms down
going to tell kids jim carrey this is travis kelce taylor swift
girls on instagram trained arms shoulders bent
misery mallot footloose bates
colorado halftime lead bill clinton monica blew it
death to america send weapons usa governmen citizens love no
smith and wesson whopper cheeseburger
joe biden dont negotiate with terrorists finance them
democrats dc republicans harlem globetrotters
asks to see meme collection expect get wet this ride
well fed air conditioned leftists trying look oppressed usa
coffee cup have a nice day flipping bird middle finger
aliens american gun owners waiting for terrorists from sky
zelensky realize side ho now ukraine
me watching liberal support islamic culture doesnt tolerate liberalism

Social Media Posts of the Day

x majority people stay out war conflicts algorithms keep us divided
x disney world clerk waffle price pay love your kids
x kid pizza nodded fell over know mine
reddit weirdest american declassify right we did it

Quote of the Day

quote mencken most dangerous government think things out

Message of the Day

message someone needs to keep eye bill gates while were distracted

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3 thoughts on “10-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Liberty lockdown I agree I think the majority of people in the world would love to see the violence end. But do you really believe with the players involved that that’s ever going to happen?

  2. First seal, fits Covid in exacting detail.
    Second seal, sword. Fits the world now & coming
    Third seal, widespread famine. Already guaranteed.
    Forth seal, 1/4th dies.
    Remember, 100% of the animals in the rdna study died later, when the initial virus was reintroduced.
    About 1/4th of the world was rdna’ed (China g Russia refused!l
    Fifth seal, martyrs in heaven. The world is gearing up & training the “useful idiots” to murder anyone in the way of the globalists.

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