10-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

baby yoda finally 8 hours sleep back neck did it wrong
ghostbusters choose form of destructor baby yoda grogu
chucky cheese sign childs play
car sign 1+1=3 if you dont use condom
evidence source proof look up tiny computer in your hand
thank god no more mean tweets biden jill joe whiepte house mushroom cloud
hangover calculations trying understand trusting media after last 3 years
if cnn existed 1967 police kidnap peaceful protest charles manson
normies pursing psyops conspiracy theorists halting
tlaib the squad let j6 jan 6th protesters rot in prison leave hamas alone
us government print ton money bike spokes inflation greedy corporations
milton office space zelensky biden told me talk congress paycheck

The Math Seems to Check Out 👍

I must give credit to the gaslighting, ass clown brigade that makes up the Biden Administration–it takes real acting talent and discipline to say these things with a straight face. 🙄

janet yellen treasury secretary can fund two wars

You Know What to Do

x 20 votes against jim jordan bacon buck rutherford womack kelly

Social Media Posts of the Day

x hamas supports more expressive leeway than conservatives censorship not about hate speech
x just saw this email judgement better reply
x what flag missing from rashida tlaib office
x dont stand with israel hamas ukraine russia governments ruling militias

Quote of the Day

quote elon musk how legacy media superheroes free speech supervillains speech suppression

Message of the Day

message never find justice world criminals make rules

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6 thoughts on “10-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. You realize by not choosing you’ve still made a choice. And if it was up close and personal would it be different?

  2. I just want to add I don’t advocate war just as I abhor crime and violence in my neighborhood. But if I’m being attacked or harmed in any way I would hope a neighbor or a passerby would try to help me. Because that’s the right thing to do.

  3. That last one… Anti-Semitism isn’t a good look, no matter how accurate the message is, itself. ='[.]’=

  4. How do you figure that’s anti-semitism? I purposely did not inject any race creed or color of any sort in that statement.
    I absolutely stand with Israel’s right to defend itself.

    • I beg your pardon, but did you create that meme of the Masonic badge-wearing figure with the stereotypical hooked nose? That was the image to which I was referring, not necessarily to your comment. =0[.]o=

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