10-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

watching original amityville horror 5 bedroom 80k get along
skeleton elf on shelf not your season
shark market phone how fat meat
solar panel electric chair
last thing see expose epstein client list brittany knives hillary clinton
skeleton walker members congress 56th term decide our future
babylon bee baseball changes rules less like baseball so people watch
blink eyes see hidden message obey black coats
kramer israel ukraine afghanistan adults back in charge seinfeld
ukraine israel first laundroman success open a second one
storming capitol ok if in support people chant death to america
dont talk morning sponsored data harvesting corporate progaganda
don bacon then and now votes democrats stop speaker jim jordan
trick or treat property tax costume too scary
babylon bee nations wishing some sort structure build stop jihadists border
trump israel palestine peace biden war
office space billions joe biden two proxy wars at the same time

Social Media Posts of the Day

x war middle east good to know full oil reserve biden drained gas prices midterms
x record number americans working 2 full time jobs bidenomics
x wife folding husband purses cargo shorts
x preschooler advice feel better eat pizza

Quote of the Day

quote osler person takes medicine recover twice disease medicine

Message of the Day

message came from there welcome shouldnt have left like there

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One thought on “10-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. How do you figure that’s anti-semitism? I purposely did not inject any race creed or color of any sort in that statement.
    I absolutely stand with Israel’s right to defend itself.

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